Some real quick takes:

Joe Deninzon's Stratospheerius at the Hunter Museum, Chattanooga. (Joe's unplugged in this.)

I'm servicing finally the Joe Deninzon Trio album, EXUBERANCE. It's a terrific jazz album and pays tribute to the late Bob Bowen. Jot me a note if you're interested. http://www.joedeninzon.com/

Tour dates for Grand Funk Railroad are at http://www.grandfunkrailroad.com/departures.htm

Strawbs will be here in September and October. Most of the dates will be with the Zombies, and that will include shows in Southern California (to be announced) for the first time in many, many years! Melani Rodgers is the publicist for the Zombies. Her e-mail is melanirogersny@aol.com So far, some dates are up at http://strawbsweb.co.uk/@f/f_1109mp.htm More will be announced soon.

Bruce Pilato (brucetune@aol.com) is handling Carl Palmer's tour this year.

I'll be working two Gentle Giant digital and CD re-releases this September: OCTOPUS and THREE FRIENDS. Fan site for the band: http://www.blazemonger.com/GG/Gentle_Giant_Home_Page

My poetry book, MY BRAIN, THE PARK, AND OTHER THINGS has been bumped to my birthday, October 15. Great way to celebrate. I plan to do a live performance in the Bronx as a celebration around that time. In 2012 I'm arranging shows in New York City and Lehigh Valley/Quakertown/Philadelphia area.