Bronx Music Fans: "Tell Paul McCartney to Have Jann Klose Open The Show at Yankee Stadium, July 15 and 16."

"And Your Jann Can Sing"

Jann Klose performing the Beatles' "Something" at BanglaDesh-revisited, BB Kings, Nov. 2009

Preeminent singer/songwriter Paul McCartney received an offer from the Bronx-based singer/songwriter Jann Klose to open for the legendary Beatles star in the Bronx at Sir Paul's upcoming shows July 15 and 16 at Yankees Stadium. Not for $3000, as the recurring 1970s SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE "Reunite the Beatles" gag used to go, but because the prospect makes sense.

Paul McCartney is performing on Jann's home turf in the Bronx, where Jann has lived for the past 11 years. He has become an international representative of this borough, one of the most multi-cultural cities of the world. He has performed at Bronx Week and An Beal Bocht, and been profiled in Bronx media on TV, radio, internet, and print including a number of Daily News articles. Venues in his community around the Bronx, Manhattan, and Westchester County, include shows at the venerable Tarrytown Music Hall, The Concert Hall, Rockwood Music Hall, the Bitter End, and BB Kings. He's influenced countless residents to make better eating decisions as he appears on the GRAMMY-nominated album, HEALTHY FOOD FOR THOUGHT: GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT along with Julian Lennon, Sweet Honey In the Rock, Russell Simmons, Moby, and St. Louis, MO scenester Beatle Bob.

When he's not in the Bronx, Jann tours throughout North America, France, Germany, Georgia, and the UK--including having performed a number of shows in Liverpool, UK-- two at the Beatles former stomping ground, the Cavern Club. In March 2012, Jann returns to Liverpool, where he'll be teaching a Master Class on DIY touring and the importance of collaboration at the Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts (the college Sir Paul McCartney co-founded).

Like the Beatles, Jann started performing in Hamburg, Germany, where he spent his teenage years. Hamburg was also where Jann first heard music by Paul McCartney and the Beatles. Born in Germany, raised in Kenya, South Africa, and Germany, Jann first came to the States as an exchange student in Cleveland. After fulfilling his civil service in Hamburg, he returned to the States to start his career.

After a stint in touring companies of Broadway plays (JEKYLL & HYDE, JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR) and portraying the Pinball Wizard in the NJPac production of TOMMY, Jann released BLACK BOX EP and the album REVERIE, both critically-acclaimed. In the past seven years, Jann's shared the stage with and opened for an array of artists, including Rusted Root, Renaissance, Marshall Crenshaw, Jonathan Edwards, Roger McGuinn, Pete Seeger, and the late Les Paul. He is now an eligible artist for the 2011 New York Music Awards, listed right between "Carole King" and "Lady Gaga." His music has been featured on MTV Cribs, the soundtrack to the Paul Sorvino film Dead Broke (Warner Bros), plus on compilations in France, Indonesia, and the UK. Jethro Tull frontman Ian Anderson found him representation in Germany.

Through the years Jann's praised Paul McCartney in his interviews. On the eve of Paul's 2009 tour, The Washington Examiner asked Jann about the former Beatle's impact and reason for longevity. Jann explained the singer's influence, "The melodies are so powerful and catching without being boring. You just don't forget them. I think more than anything that's what has staying power."

SCORE MUSIC's Paul Barile reviewed Jann's album, REVERIE, and wrote, "This sounds like what the Beatles would have made if they had grown old together." Some of the album's songs can be heard at http://www.myspace.com/jannklose .

Links to live music, including Jann's performance of "Something" from ABBEY ROAD at an annual BANGLADESH tribute and cancer benefit from New York City's BB Kings are at http://www.youtube.com/jannklose.

Paul McCartney and his staff have received invitations to any of Jann's upcoming shows. Come on out.

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