I'm seeking funding for a video teaser of an episodic documentary I'm producing called BECOMING AMERICAN.

Attached to it are: Pete Seeger and members of the Smithereens, and Jann Klose.

The focus is on musical immigrants and their contribution to the United States. The show fuses music and civics.

Generally I fund my own projects or am paid to create books, magazines, events, marketing campaigns, or do speeches.  This project is something I've initiated and have gotten far enough to realize that we have a shot, and it includes folks in the TV industry willing to look at it. My track record of successful projects through the years and my multi-media history is support that my team and I can make BECOMING AMERICAN happen.

The next level requires specialty work--especially from TV production people (camera, sound and editing: folks who are masters at creating quality TV work, including field production). Thus the budget calls for $3500.  Anything over that will help with marketing, legal, and office expenses.
Please donate to the BECOMING AMERICAN, THE TEASER.  There are some intriguing fan exclusives at

(Help fund my TV project to get the Smithereens all over your TV.)