Five Bands to Perform Cancer Benefit for David Gotay in New York City, September 26

Sweet Plantain founder/leader/cellist finds support for major health battle 

This is Sound Liberation: David Gotay and his cello on far right.

Five bands will be performing a benefit concert at the Shrine on September 26 to help David Gotay and his family fight cancer.
The event starts at 6 pm with musician friends of David available for conversation.
The concert begins at 7 pm and runs until midnight.
The Shrine is at 2271 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. (at 135th Street), in New York, NY.
The web site is www.shrinenyc.com

David Gotay is a cellist, composer, rapper, and musical educator based in New York City. David has played with artists including Billy Joel, Jay Z, Sheryl Crow, Alicia Keys, and is the co-founder of the Sweet Plantain Quartet (www.sweetplantain.com).  Sweet Plantain combines street music styles and classical, and has been a favorite in the arts theaters, PAC centers and schools over the past half decade, playing from Alaska to Florida.

In May of 2013, David was diagnosed with Stage IV Renal Carcinoma (kidney cancer). The cancer has spread to his brain, partially paralyzing his arms and hindering his ability to play the cello, which is his main source of income. David’s health insurance does not cover his treatments, which include multiple surgeries to remove tumors in his brain and throughout his chest, as well as chemotherapy and radiation treatment.  Furthermore, David has a wife and children.

Friends and fellow musicians have been fundraising to help David's family, and also created a Facebook page that some background information: https://www.facebook.com/DaveFightsEvilCancer

This concert involves five incredible bands, each with a personal connection to Dave:

7 PM Erbium (www.erbiummusic.com) Bassist/leader/composer Dan Cooper is a longtime friend and collaborator of Dave's.
8 PM Stratospheerius (www.stratospheerius.com) Violinist/vocalist/leader Joe Deninzon is a bandmate of Dave's in Sweet Plantain Quartet and Metro Strings and longtime friend.
9 PM Resolution 15 (www.resolution15.com) Violinist Earl Maneein also plays with Sweet Plantain and is a longtime friend.
10 PM Andy Milne/Dapp Theory (www.andymilne.com)  David played in a project of Andy's called Finding Synesthesia, Dapp Theory and Sweet Plantain shared some showcases.
11 PM Sound Liberation (www.soundliberation.net)  David was the cellist/rapper of this band. Composer Gene Pritzger (www.genepritzger.com) plays guitar and leads Sound Liberation and is a longtime friend and collaborator of Dave's.

Admission to the concert is free, but all donations and sales of merchandise will go towards helping David pay for his treatment and living expenses.

Please come and hear some incredible music and help support our friend in the fight for his life!