JANN KLOSE Joins Tim Buckley Collaborators in Open Secret, a Night inspired by Buckley in Portland on August 21 and Seattle on August 24

Singer songwriter joins forces with Tim Buckley's original bassist Jim Fielder and lyricist Larry Beckett

JANN KLOSE and Poet/Tim Buckley collaborator LARRY BECKETT will be presenting two evenings of the music and words of Tim Buckley, and their own works in Portland and Seattle this week.  Tim's original bassist Jim Fielder will be accompanying both Jann and Larry.

On August 21, Jann and Larry will perform at the Secret Society, in Portland.  The web site is www.secretsociety.net  Jack McMahon, who is a contemporary of Tim's, will be opening in Portland.

Jann and Larry will be at Cafe Racer on August 24, in Seattle.  The web site is caferacerseattle.com/

Larry and Jann forged a partnership after Jann sang Tim Buckley's parts in the movie GREETINGS FROM TIM BUCKLEY,  (Tribeca Film/Focus World) which will be out on DVD and Blu Ray on Sept. 17.  In exploring Tim's music, Jann sought out Larry, who gave him insight and inspiration.  Now they appear together, and are also writing songs together.

Jann's new album, MOSAIC is now on iTunes and Amazon and Spotify. Writes Paul Freeman at the San Jose Mercury News, "Klose shows he can create diverse new tunes that rival those of such masters as (Tim) Buckley.

MOSAIC is finding support from a variety of edgy characters, including TIME Magazine Columnist Joel Stein, who pranked Jann in his column, and Genya Ravan will be spinning “Make It Better” on Little Steven's Underground Garage show, GOLDIE'S GARAGE in time for Election Day.

Born in Germany, raised in Kenya, South Africa, and Germany, Jann Klose first came to the States as an exchange student in Cleveland.  Jann's co-writing songs and performing with Gary Lucas (Captain Beefheart, Jeff Buckley), and has shared the stage with Elliott Murphy, Gary Hoey, Renaissance's Annie Haslam, Rusted Root, Vonda Shepard, Pete Seeger, and the late Les Paul. Jann appears on the GRAMMY nominated "Healthy Food For Thought" compilation, MTV CRIBS and movies, "Dead Broke" (Warner Bros.) featuring Paul Sorvino. 
The LAist's Matthew Bramlett states, Jann "can be accurately described as the man chosen to carry on the legacy of great musicians like Tim Buckley and Paul McCartney."

Larry Beckett’s songs written with Tim Buckley have been recorded by Fairport Convention, Linda Ronstadt, Blood, Sweat & Tears, This Mortal Coil, Jeff Buckley, Chrissie Hynde, Robert Plant, Julie Felix, John Frusciante, Sinead O’Connor, Bryan Ferry, Alfie Boe, George Michael, Dead Can Dance, and Jann Klose.  He's published his poetry in Songs and Sonnets, and a study of the poets and poetry of the '50s San Francisco Renaissance, Beat Poetry.  Larry's Paul Bunyan is forthcoming from Smokestack Books.

Jim Fielder has played with Tim Buckley, Buffalo Springfield, Blood, Sweat & Tears, and is still on the road with Neil Sedaka.