DeAngela Napier: Visual Storyteller Profiled in PSYCHOLOGY TODAY Online

Artist Explains How she Uses Photos and Moving Pictures in Creating Music Videos for Gary Lucas & Jann Klose, plus other Artists, Entrepreneurs, and—of course—Organizations!

Dr. Mike Friedman’s BRICK BY BRICK July 19th column in PSYCHOLOGY TODAY features a look at the creator of Gary Lucas & Jann Klose’s latest music video, NOBODY’S TALKING from their album STEREOPTICON.

Dr. Friedman says, ”I think DeAngela Napier’s approach to visual storytelling gives us a window into how we can develop open-minded approach to our lives."

DeAngela Napier is the digital strategist and visual storyteller who is responsible for STEREOPTICON’s music videos (“Secret Wings” and “Fair Weather”). She explores how carefully selected imagery conveys a powerful message above and beyond music videos. Gary Lucas and Jann Klose’s first two videos offer an insider’s view of New York City while NOBODY’S TALKING’s visuals are comprised of stock footage, selected and edited by DeAngela to convey the tongue-in-cheek lyrical message about everybody talking on their cellphones while they’re surrounded by real people in the real world.

“My work consist of producing content and collaborating with organizations and entrepreneurs on marketing and media strategies. These strategies often include visual storytelling to convey meaning that resonate longer with the listener/viewer.” Her collaborations include producing projects, creating imagery with photography/video and editing digital assets for multi-media projects. In NOBODY’S TALKING, she combines her personal love of music and background in production to craft an entertaining peak at mobile obsession in 2016. View NOBODY’S TALKING at www.youtube.com/watch?v=mr9TDnt65Ag.

Her visuals are worth a million words! For more information on her company’s services visit www.thenapiernetwork.com.   


Dr. Michael Friedman, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist who has been studying how psychological processes impact us as individuals and as a society for over 20 years. In addition to co-authoring a number of academic papers, he’s shared insight on CNN, NPR, Fox News, Wall Street Journal Radio, and in his Psychology Today column, BRICK BY BRICK… Currently he’s working with Vegan Publishers on a book about vegan musicians.  

Sloth from BEACHSLOTH writes of “Nobody’s Talking,” “Without talking, without communication, life could become so boring, unaware of all the potential people a person could meet on any given day…Tasteful and elegant to its very core, Gary Lucas & Jann Klose create a timeless piece of chamber pop”   

PREMIER GUITAR is currently streaming STEREOPTICON, coinciding with an intensive article by Ted Drozdowski: Gary Lucas: Sincerely Strange.  Read this study of Gary Lucas’ guitar history including how working on Captain Beefheart’s song “Flavor Bud Living” stretched the limits of Gary’s fingerpicking technique, which he uses so deftly on STEREOPTICON. www.premierguitar.com/articles/24209-gary-lucas-sincerely-strange.  

Both Gary & Jann’s talents are noted in the 4 star review in MOJO, “Klose has a fabulous wide-ranging voice with an individual style, while Lucas’s luminous chord work and mesmeric fingerpicking is a joy throughout.”

Friends in Long Island should be aware of an upcoming TV appearance from Gary & Jann on WLNY’s LIVE IT UP w/ Donna Drake.  

Gary received a Grammy nomination for co-writing “Spider Web” with Joan Osborne from her triple platinum album, RELISH. He co-wrote Jeff Buckley’s signature songs “Grace” and “Mojo Pin” from the singer’s double platinum album, GRACE. ROLLING STONE says Gary is “One of the best and most original guitarists in America…a modern guitar miracle.” Some of his collaborations with Jeff are now on Showtime’s ROADIES by Cameron Crowe, and their song “Grace” recently on YOU AND I, which charted on BILLBOARD at 57. Current releases: FLEISCHEREI: MUSIC FROM MAX FLEISCHER CARTOONS and PEARLY CLOUDS. Gary & Nona Hendryx will release THE WORLD OF CAPTAIN BEEFHEART, whom Gary worked with very closely.  

Born in Germany and raised in Kenya, South Africa and the United States, Jann Klose is writing with Ann Hampton Callaway, Renaissance’s Annie Haslam, and The Yardbirds’ Jim McCarty. He appears in the award-winning Australian feature documentary A VENUE FOR THE END OF THE WORLD (BrinkVision, USA). Most recently Jann scored the music for the award-winning short film THE BEAUTY OF DISASTER. His most recent album, MOSAIC won three 2014 Independent Music Awards and charted for several months on the AMA and Roots Rock charts. Jann will tour Germany, South Africa, and North America this year.

Gary and Jann both worked on the movie GREETINGS FROM TIM BUCKLEY (Tribeca Film/Focus/Universal). Jann is the singing voice of Tim Buckley, while Gary consulted and played guitar. Tony Award winner Frank Wood plays Gary in the film.


 Read Dr. Michael Friedman’s interview with DeAngela Napier at www.psychologytoday.com/blog/brick-brick/201607/thinking-visually-deangela-napier


Watch NOBODY’S TALKING at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=mr9TDnt65Ag
 Stream STEREOPTICON at www.premierguitar.com/articles/24209-gary-lucas-sincerely-strange.

DeAngela Napier websites: www.thenapiernetwork.com
Professional Photography:  www.deangelanapier.com
Street Photography Blog:www.urbanblink.com
Music Blog: www.goodmusicperiod.com