Here is some end of the summer news from SOUL MOVES MUSIC.

We're celebrating a new release, THIS PLANET WE CALL HOME from Dan Berggren.
His song ”No More Walls" has impactful lyrics: “No more walls, we’ll build bridges between our differences — no more walls" is the songs important message.

Here's a feature that North Country Public Radio conducted with Dan:
Look for some new albums from our progressive rockers, Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius plus Gentle Giant's THREE PIECE SUITE on CD, Vinyl and BluRay; THREE PIECE SUITE are Steven Wilson remixes from the first 3 Gentle Giant albums (Giant, Acquiring the Taste, Three Friends).  Both Joe Deninzon & Gentle Giant releases will be out on September 29.

This is the dramatic, declarative prog rock song, Peel The Paint as mixed by Mr. Wilson. It shows the anguish an artist goes through.

I’m performing live in the evening on Monday, August 28 at the legendary Bitter End's Indie Collaborative. 
Accompanying me is multi-instrumentalist Alex Otey on trumpet.  His website is http://www.alexotey.com. I join over 50 performers, mainly musicians. I’m a poet (which includes songwriting), and my poetry book, THE LEIGHTON EXPLOSION sold great both in crowdfunding and through mail order. (visit: 
The Bitter End is at 147 Bleecker Street (between Thompson and LaGuardia), 
New York City.
The INDIE COLLABORATIVE takes place from 1 till 4 PM, and 7-10:30 PM
Venue phone is 212-673-7030
Admission is $25 and available online at: http://indiecollaborative.com/Tickets/index.php

Summer holiday closes out with celebrations of successes from both Phoebe Legere and Rebecca Loebe.
Phoebe's HEART OF LOVE (Optimistic Kitty) broke Americana'sTop 20, and helped sign her to the legendary Artic Records for an EP due early 2018.  
This is MEN FROM BOYS, which is about what makes gentlemen, with lines including: “some men play the notes, other guys are the music.”  

Rebecca's album BLINK was spotlighted in her adopted hometown paper, The Austin Chronicle the week she opened for Livingston Taylor there: https://www.austinchronicle.com/music/2017-08-11/rebecca-loebe-blink/  “Most striking is the Patsy Cline-inspired ‘Say So,’ wherein you look longingly at your partner on a Fifties dance floor and plead with them to hold onto you forever. There's something for everyone on Blink.” 

Lots of Christmas music--here's a punky version of Tang's "Why Can't Every Day Be Christmas."