Love Family Some Negativity Winter 2017 Songs

It's that time of year when we love all kinds of people.  Let's face it, we have people we love whole-heartedly.  As for the people that make life harder for us, we pay attention because their stories are unique.   NOTHING AT ALL is a Gentle Giant song about a female crazy maker. It's special because it's a radio edit by mixer to the Prog Stars Steven Wilson.   Every other song is about all the different love we have for all the different people! Happy holidays!!!!

Dean Friedman’s new album “12 Songs” features YOUR PRETTY FACE.  His new love song is a slow, jazz-inspired ballad about how far Dean will travel to see your pretty face.
Indeed Dean is traveling to friends & colleagues in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco. Say "hi" back, you pretty cool person!  
Dean’s shows:
Dec. 2: NYC at the Bitter End, NY, NY
Dec. 9: Fort Mason Center for the Arts-Southside Theater, San Francisco
Dec. 10: Afternoon House Concert in Oakland, CA  
Dec. 15: Coffee Gallery, Altadena, CA
Dec. 23: Kulak's Woodshed, North Hollywood, CA 

BLUE CANOE BLUES: Phoebe Legere 
Roots rock with electric guitar, female soprano. In the winter, there lake is frozen, and she has to wait for the spring when the ice melts to visit her true love. Native American singing including in song. 

Ms. Legere’s Americana album, HEART OF LOVE broke Roots Music Radio’s Top 20 this year. In March her off-Broadway show, SPEED QUEEN debuts in New York City. 

LEMONADE Alex Boye’: Afro-pop, tenor voice, electronics, joyful. “I used to be bitter, bitter, bitter or you can be better, better, better...Every day is like a brand new day.”  Watch and hear Alex live December 11 on Monday Night Football (Miami VS New England).  

NOTHING AT ALL Gentle Giant (Steven Wilson Mix) 
A girl who brought her own sadness to her by turning down potential loves. Lyrics:“The girl who has everything, and she has nothing at all.” Kindred to psychedelic Beatles meets Black Sabbath-styled guitar cords. This is a 4:54 radio edit of the original nine minute song. 

Gentle Giant’s new release, THREE PIECE SUITE is Steve Wilson’s remixes on selected songs from the first 3 albums.  It also comes in Blu-Ray. 

THE TRUTH I KNOW  Robert Wyckoff
Like an acoustic Marshall Tucker song, with lyrics about believing that people will be nicer. Hoping there will be no more hunger or lies.  My Soul Moves Music co-partner Karen Besbeck wrote this song about having faith in the human race.

PARALLEL REALITY Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius 

Electric violin and guitar-driven rock song about parenting, and missing his son while he's on the road. This month Joe is posting on his social media, asking friends for song ideas for his Spotify list on family, togetherness, holidays, friendship, feel good.

With violin, this is old school with Rachael’s voice treated. Whimsical lyrics. So good to use: “onions peppers oy gevalt.” "Eight Days of tchachkes, can I have some more please?"  

song in motion like lots of people walking fast, upbeat tempo, Beach Boys’ styled harmony. 
WHAT CHILD IS THIS the Atlanta Symphony Pops Orchestra & John Driskill Hopkins
A country twist with orchestra from John Driskill Hopkins, singer of the Zac Brown Band. Tempo changes throughout the piece.
** The Orchestra’s and John’s album “The Spirit of Christmas” can be heard at https://soundcloud.com/john-driskell-hopkins