LEMONADE, Alex Boye' Song About Turning A Negative Into A Positive!

If you’d like to help turn around any and all of today’s negativity, listen to Alex Boye’’s “Lemonade.” 
Listen to this joyful song that says, “Every day is like a brand new day.”

Alex Boye’’s upbeat performances of pop hits, including Taylor Swift’s “SHAKE IT OFF” and his latest BELIEVE by Imagine Dragons define his empowering attitudes.  His song LEMONADE is an original, and much needed in today’s angry society:  The hook” “I used to be bitter, bitter, bitter or you can be better, better, better.”  Lyrics below.

Alex and his band are touring, currently, as “Artist of the Year” by the Hard Rock Cafe & Pepsi. They play the half-time show for Monday Night Football Dec. 11 (Miami Dolphins VS New England Patriots).   

I, first, saw him live July 2015 when he was singing solos with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in Carnegie Hall.  Alex has previous national TV exposure form appearing on America’s Got Talent in 2015.

Performed by Alex Boye’

I'm just so broke you won't believe
Can't get a dollar out of me
And as far as I can see
I'm losing control like a bad disease
No I just can't get relief
I've been shot down by the life police
And everyday I try to rise
But I can't succeed
Can anybody find a cure for me?
You can be bitter, bitter, bitter
Or you can be better, better, better

When life gives you lemons
It's gonna be okay
Don't worry little children
And don't complain (woh)
Remember you're golden
So find some sugar cane
When life gives you lemons
Make lemonade

Hama kama hama kama heyama kama x4

Now every day is like a brand new year
I throw my hands up in the air
Like I just don't care
I'm moonwalking down the streets
Feeling like oh yeah (oh yeah!)
Like the bottom of the glass now I see clear
So now I laugh just a little more (Yeehehee!)
I stand much taller than I did before (Yahahaa!)
I know I'm not where I need to be
But I thank God that I'm not
Where I used to be
I used to be bitter, bitter bitter
And now I feel better, better, better

© 2014 by Alexander Boye’, Gail Lynn Vareilles, Jerry Duplessis, Matthew M. Anthony, All Rights Reserved

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