Some news from new friends:

Three different lady rockers have caught my ears lately, and you can contact them for more information on their music…. All of them would like reviews on their music, so please keep that in mind when you contact them.

Former NY Loose singer Brijitte West has a new band, The Desperate Hopefuls and some darn good punk-delivery in her vocals. Her web site is http://www.brijittewest.com. Contact her at bw@brijittewest.com. For MP3 files to review, e-mail Paul Unger at punger@neo.rr.com

My friend, guitar maker/piano tuner Rick Davies and Jane Sytek turned me on to Micaela Kingslight, who is doing a show with my artist Jann Klose on May 1 in Kalamazoo at the Strutt. Her album is called STILL. She is an incredible guitarist in a vibe to recordings you’d hear by Mark Almond Band, some of the more stretchier ELP and Led Zeppelin songs, while leaning towards softer rock.E-mail booking@micaelakingslight.com. http://micaelakingslight.com/

I think Susan Barth is a devilishly feminine singer in a vocally-melodic realm as the Carpenters. “Perfect Storm” is a hit song. “Chatworth” is an anthem about inconsiderate people. E-mail Pinksoxsongs@aol.com. The web site is http://www.susanbarth.com.

And while I’m at it, the very manly (and Grand Funk Railroad guitarist) Bruce Kulick has another new album, BK3. http://www.kulick.net. BruceKool@aol.com.