FYC "Mothers Space"

Best Metal Performance AND Best Rock Song

Carmine Appice
Featuring Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal

(Song written by Carmine, Kelly Keeling, Tony Franklin)
Appears on Carmine's GUITAR ZEUS

"such a cool groove, even with all the powerhouse jamming" says Music Street Journal

"a huge bottom end will give your woofers a workout, and Thal's guitar work is just so impressive" writes Sea of Tranquility

By Kelly Keeling, Carmine Appice, Tony Franklin

We’re dodging all the raking 
Of thunder and lightning,
Designing in our path by our
Winters so cold

Everyone it seems should be
Given sign language
Some form of code
Not getting through
Waiting on you. 

We know you’re listening to Mother’s Space.
How much longer?
Longer in this zone and being in this rat race
What on earth are we preparing for
Running our space
Too little too late

Thanks for all the rescue
And saving our lives
Poisoning we’ve done to
The ground and skies   


Something’s gonna break
I believe that it timely
Mother earth
How can we go on
Blue we’re counting on you
We’re not getting through 
Depending on you

Don’t look away
Mothers space
Mothers space Answer Mothers Space 
Are we too late  Answer Are we too late

Copyright 2018 by Carmine Appice, Tony Franklin, Kelly Keeling, All Rights Reserved